Style Your Photos & Grow Your Business

Don't waste time dithering about styling your products, use this guide to create professional images in 10 minutes!

Product photos are the single most important element in your shop.

Your product could have no name, a one-liner description and a price you just made up...

But if you don't have a photo, can you sell it?

Not online you can't.

Your buyer can't touch or feel your product, and they can't see it unless you show them.

So unless you've encountered a bored millionaire looking for adventures, no one will buy your product without a photo.

But what if you have a photo? Isn't that good enough?

If this is your hobby and all you're trying to do is cover your craft supply costs, sure...

But I have a feeling that you're after more than that.

Look at the picture above.

Which one's more attractive? The left or the right?

The left, your average product photo, will probably get a sale. Or two, or a dozen even, given enough time.

But the right one? It's a best-seller.

It will get you the sale, time after time. It will make people who were not even sure they needed an invitation, or that they really wanted to invest in a designed invitation rush to their wallets, get their credit-cards out and pay you, STAT.

So how do you take the perfect picture?

Surprisingly, your smartphones is one of the best cameras out there. Wait – what?!

It's true! Mostly because it's with you all day long.

Compared to “proper” cameras, they may lack a bit in quality, but they are fantastic to take product photos that sell themselves, without the hassle of carrying a "real" camera around.

Are you...

  • Stuck on where to position your product and prop to make them look cohesive?
  • Do you get confused on different ways to photograph your product? There's more than 1 way!
  • Do you wish you could be more organised when it comes to planning your photo shoots?

I created this workbook with 10 styling layout tips and loads of pages to help you take away the thinking process and just do!

If you want to create to-die-for images for your shop or social media, this workbook is for you!

Get started now!

Your Instructor

Stephanie Cronin
Stephanie Cronin

Product photographer, teacher, lover of all thing tasty.

Hi there! I'm Stephanie and I'm here to help you grow your business with perfect product photos.

In 2002 I got my first job as a photographer, and I've never looked back (okay, I may have a couple times, but you know what I mean ;)). In 2016 I found my true passion - helping online shop owners just like you become pros at taking their own photos.

My mission? Save you money on professionals, teach you how to do it yourself and skyrocket your sales!


The proof is in the pudding - here are some before and afters!

From this... to this...

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this workbook work in terms of time?
The workbook is your to download, starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online workbook - you decide how to use the workbook, read through all at once and keep referring back to it for support and guidance.
How long do I have access to the workbook?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this workbook for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Is this for anyone?
Yes! This workbook is for any type of product business where you can view the style template and try it yourself! There are plans to design your photo shoots too to get you super organised.
How much is the workbook?
How does less than a tenner sound? £9.99 and you can print the workbook or view online at any time!

The way I see it, there's only two options...

Option 1:

You do nothing...

You let this opportunity slip between your fingers.

You continue trying to figure out how to take product photos that sell themselves on your own (it's totally possible!). Maybe you're a lottery winner and will get it in no time.

And maybe you're like the rest of us and you'll get in the next 3-5 years.

Question is... do you have 3-5 years to keep working on your business while making very little money to support it?

Option 2:

Or... you invest in your business, knowing full-well photography is the #1 key to e-commerce success.

You follow the workbook, plan out your ideas and you start shooting and start selling, leaving your competitors in the dust.

You start earning a full time income from your shop while building the business of your dreams and living the life you've always craved.

Which one will you choose?

Get started now!